Author: Jean michel Missri

The Jewish Cemetery / Prague

The Old Jewish Cemetery is not the first Jewish cemetery in Prague – its predecessor was so-called “Jewish Garden“ located in the area of present New Town of Prague. This cemetery was closed by order of King Wladislav II Jagello in 1478 because of complaints of Prague citizens. Later it disappeared under the streets of New Town. We know that the history of the Old Cemetery started before that, but the exact date when it was founded is unknown. The only clue is the oldest gravestone in the cemetery from 1439 which belongs to rabbi and poet Avigdor Kara....

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The power of Black & White with Craig Golding

Professional Photographer, Craig Golding, talks about Black & White Photography (or Monochrome Photography) as well as his EOS Photo5 2010 brief and gives great tips for creative photography. Join in, find the inspiration for your photography and share at Shades Of Grey Magazine N°10 €5,00 Shades Of Grey Magazine N°8 €5,00 Shades Of Grey Magazine N°9 €5,00 Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window)Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new...

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The Wonders of Plotagraph Part 2

In the latest issue of Shades of Grey magazine, I tested the Plotagraph animation software. For this specific basic tutorial,  used  quite a simple image to process with only clouds and water moving. But I wanted to challenge the software a little more by using a much more complex image, a volcano eruption with a lot of lava flowing both in the air and on the ground. By playing the video below, you will see the result is quite stunning as you can have  the exploading lava moving up and the ground lava going down. Processing steps Working on...

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Image Nation Paris From November 10th to 12th 2017, ImageNation meets Paris, the city that saw the birth of photography almost two centuries ago. Thanks to the many festivals and fairs which are frequently held in the French capital, Paris is, more than ever, the crossroads of the new trends. Over all, the Mois de la Photo and Paris Photo have seen attracting to themselves important private and institutional collectors, art enthusiasts and some of the most famous art gallery owners from all over the world. Along with this, during Paris Photo days, the city becomes an ideal stage...

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The wonders of Plotagraph

For years now, the easiest and almost only way to create animated images was to make animated GIFs. A tedious and not so great way to do that as the results were most of the time scattered and clunky. Then came what took the strange name of “Cinemagraphs’ you could build using Photoshop’s animation tools. It was a much better way to create movement.. Now we have Plotagraph, a fast, precise and very easy to use application to animating images in a subtle and very smooth way. The major difference with the previous tools is the almost perfect looping...

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