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SKYLUM LUMINAR 2018 is here for MAC and PC

Luminar is a universal all-in-one photo app designed to offer everything a modern photographer needs for photo editing. With intelligent filters and over 100 presets, Luminar speeds up the photo editing workflow to deliver great results in less time. It also features some advanced tools like layers, masking and blending, lens correction and transform tools — to name just a few — that take image editing to the next level. The previous version of Luminar was honored with a TIPA award for Best Imaging Software 2017 and three weeks ago won the 2017 Best Software Plug-in at the Lucie...

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Loupedeck editing console for lightroom

For almost a month now, I have been trying the LOUPEDECK console for Lightroom. I was not too impressed at first, thinking that I knew Lightroom enough to go very fast with my editing workflow, but I really wanted to give it a try. So I contacted Loupedeck, a Finland based company and they kindly accepted to send me one to test and review. What a surprise when I got the box! The console is quite big and very well built. All lightroom’s main editing functions are represented by knobs and sliders. The install process is very straightforward. The...

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DxO acquires Nik Collection from Google

DxO acquires Nik Collection assets from Google, and plans to continue to develop the Collection for the benefit of the photographer community.   Interview with Jean-Marc Alexia (VP, Product strategy) and Fabrizio Dei Tos (Senior Manager, Marketing et Sales desktop solutions) How was decided and negotiated the purchase of Nik Software? It all worked very well. I cannot enter into the details of the transaction as you can guess. But sometimes there are meetings of industrial good which allows you to see a future in which corresponds the desire of the two entities, and that is what has happened...

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Luminar 2018. The new alternative to Lightroom?

The new Luminar 2018 takes on Adobe Lightroom    Macphun, the California-based software developer today announced Luminar 2018. New users will be able to purchase Luminar 2018 for $59, and current users of Luminar may upgrade at a special price of $39. Preorders start November 1 at  Luminar 2018 offers everything a modern photographer needs for photo editing, including new filters powered by artificial intelligence, major speed improvements, a dedicated RAW develop module and a forthcoming in 2018 digital asset management platform. Users will also benefit from the new intelligent Sun Rays filter, LUT support, and real-time noise...

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ADP V2 Luminosity Masks Panel

ADP panel+Pro v2 by Aaron Dowling   This is a very intuitive and easy to use panel. The look is very clean and it is divided in three different tabs. The first one is for creating and tweaking the muminosity masks. You can restrict or expand the masks and create selections you can then apply with a brush, instantly create curves layers and even create masks based on color range. The second tab is for adjusting precisely your selections and the third tab is to control some of the most used Photoshop functionalities. I was pleasantly surprised by this...

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