In the latest issue of Shades of Grey magazine, I tested the Plotagraph animation software. For this specific basic tutorial,  used  quite a simple image to process with only clouds and water moving.

But I wanted to challenge the software a little more by using a much more complex image, a volcano eruption with a lot of lava flowing both in the air and on the ground. By playing the video below, you will see the result is quite stunning as you can have  the exploading lava moving up and the ground lava going down.

Processing steps

Working on an image like this is quite easy with Plotagraph.

First I masked the bottom of the image with the Volcano structure to prevent it from moving.

Then I placed quite a lot of anchor poits as you can see in the image below. The anchor points are blocking the movement on the volcano top.

And at last I placed the animation points going up for the exploding lava, and going down for the ground lava.

I must mention it was done with the iPad app on an iPad Pro. I love using Plotagraph on the iPad more than using the onine app. This is because, the processing on the iPad is instantaneous and you don’t have to wait for the animation being processed on the server and rendered on your computer.


Image from

How to get Plotagraph

You have three choices when you sign up to
The FREE version offers you 500Gb of cloud storage for your Plotagraphs. You can create an unlimited number of projects/animations and you have access to the Plotagraph basic tools. This is the perfect formula to start.
But as you will for sure get addicted, they offer a Pro Membership version of $19,99/month that will add all the Pro tools of the software, the HD resolution to your animations with some animation presets and effects, plus the audio, video and still overlays and1Tb of cloud storage.
And if you get really addicted and plan to use Plotagraph for your business, the Pro+ mambership of$29,99/month will let you go up to 2Tb of cloud storage, the 4K resolution and the Team collaboration tools.

Just go to and sign-up.

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